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About Us

First of all, lets be honest: there is no “us”..! All of the stuff you will see is the personal effort of one individual. However, since writing as “we” is more like the common practice and using first person is a little too informal, we will continue as “we”.

Today it is impossible (and incorrect, if insisted on) to think any global subject without considering China. However, during our 15-years experience, we consistently see that analysts are trying to understand this country from the viewpoint of western economic thinking, or trying to compare China with other examples without considering her special dynamics.

Thus, we are here to mainly share our thoughts about China’s current agenda and give some insights about how China is different from rest of the World. Also, we intend to occasionaly look into other emerging market economies. Finally, we will try to write about macroeconomics in general.

We will often use some graphs, which will aim to be different from the benchmark figures that you will see in many other sources. For these graphs, we will do mostly back-of-the-envelope type calculations, but these calculations will be bound by necessary assumptions and regulations of a credible work.

We are not assertive at all…!! Our sole purpose is the search of truth, for us or others. Thus, your comments will be invaluable.

We hope you have a good time here…